A Creative Curriculum with a Fun Approach

Giggles Early Learning Center is a respected and admired early childhood learning center. Our curriculum and teaching methods are physically, socially, emotionaly, and cognitively enhanced for the development of your children.



For All

Giving you a creative and educational curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and fun.


Our Vision

Our goal is to provide a safe and inviting environment in which developmentally appropriate learning centers are available for each age group; to have planned staff development programs to ensure that our program benefits from the findings in the field of child development.

Giggles Early Learning Center believes that exceptional childcare depends upon a consistent, loving atmosphere where children can grow and learn. For this to happen, we must establish a safe environment that provides opportunities to explore, create and communicate with your child's peers and teachers.

Children function independently but cooperatively, following routines appropriate to their age and individual needs. The program is designed to include all children. Our program also helps those with unique learning and developmental needs.

Our program allows children to experience music, movement, art, language, and reading. Our program incorporates daily lesson plans, scheduled snacks and meals, rest time, indoor and outdoor play, and assistance in physical caregiving that promotes a child's health. GELC understands the importance of parent-teacher communication. Parents are encouraged to be part of their children's learning. GELC sends home family development learning to expand the educational process at home.


Our Philosophy

Our Mission