The Green Frogs

This program has your little scientists imagining themselves as creators and explorers. They begin to use physical trial and error methods of solving problems.
We will focus on working towards goals (reaching, receiving, throwing, catching), exploring objects that roll, shake and move.

Children are taken outside twice a day, weather permitted.
The Green Frogs want to be independent as they explore and learn more about the world.

Through a wide range of activities, we will explore their social and emotional development, provide and assist with their developmental needs through sensory stimulation activities, problem-solving activities, and motor activities.


The Purple Cats

The Purple Cat's three and four-year-old program focuses on physical development, intellectual development, and social-emotional development needed to prepare preschool.

In the Purple Cat classroom, students' major areas of development will be introduced through pretend play, arts, language, symbols, objects, and gross and fine motor skills.

Children will work on skills such as handwriting, letter sounds, and number recognization.


Age 2 to 3 1/2

Ages 3 1/2 to 4