The Tiny Seeds

The Tiny Seeds program is designed with your child individuality in mind.  We focus on your child individuality, sensory, social-emotional needs, physical and intellectual development. 

Babies are born with the ability to learn and the sooner adults provide babies with learning experiences the more babies want to learn.


Red Birds

The Red Birds are finding out more about their world and themselves as individuals. We focus on helping your toddler meet their needs independently and build relationships as their self-awareness continues to develop.

At Giggles Early Learning Center, Toddlers will start to learn about the basics of education through song, play, and individualized lessons built to help them continue on their voyage on development.


6 weeks - 12 months

12 months to 18 months

Yellow Ducks

The Yellow Ducks are growing fast and seeing the world from a whole new perspective. We focus on your child's first steps, introducing new foods, and social development with their peers.
At Giggles Early Learning Center, Yellow Ducks will share in sensory-built learning skills, Emotional developmental activities, Intellectual development, language, and gross motor skills.


19  months to 2 years old